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Minnesota Wild Talk 03 Jan 2017
Saw the sad news on the front page today, and while I won't dwell on how the owners let you guys down, I did want to drop by here and say...
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Wild/Blue Jackets

Minnesota Wild Talk 02 Jan 2017
I would like to see the Wild win, obvs.  But honestly, I'm enjoying the fact that the Wild are one of two teams that are the talk of...
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Article: 5MM: New Year's Showdown

Minnesota Wild Talk 31 Dec 2016
Mike, Nick, and Doubles rapped about the Wild's big showdown with the Blue Jackets.Mike, Nick, and Doubles talked about how the Wild buil...
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Game Day: Isle-Wild

Minnesota Wild Talk 11 Jan 2017
Both the Wild and Islanders played on Tuesday.  Essentials:Wild 22-8-4 48 pts, 105 GF, 68 GA, Won 11, 2nd Central, 2nd West, 5th NHL...
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LeBrun: Five Day Bye Week

Minnesota Wild Talk 30 Dec 2016
More love, and by love, I mean mention, from ESPN's Pierre LeBrun   Interesting stuff here from LeBrun.     Wild has their...
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2016 MSHSL State Tournament Jersey Power Rankings: Class AA

Yesterday we ranked Class A. Today we rank Class AA. Certainly a bit more to talk about this time around...
Image courtesy of Giles Ferrell
Here are the eight teams ranked from Class AA:

Posted Image
Posted Image
8. Stillwater Ponies

Most teams usually only get one photo, but Stillwater's jerseys are quite atrocious that they need to photos. Starting with the front, we have a half grey half white jersey (why?!) along with an interesting crest of a Pony jumping over a horseshoe. Now lets flip over to the other side and we have red nameplates (!!!) with white lettering. Unless you're the Philadelphia Flyers, please steer clear of nameplates folks. Ponies need to take their jerseys back to the drawing board.

Posted Image
7. Anoka Tornadoes

Anoka has a good primary color set here with maroon and white. But their jerseys just leave you going "what is going on here". They have a good crest, but that large white stripe in the front of the jersey, which does not go around the back, just gives it a bad look. If not for that white stripe on the front, this is one of the better jerseys in the tournament. But unfortunately for the Tornadoes, it is one of the worst.

Posted Image
6. Eden Prairie Eagles

The Eagles have a lot going on here in their uniforms, and that is not necessarily a good thing. Black and red stripes running around the whole midsection of the jersey is not the best way to draw up a uniform (stripes around the midsection is never a good call). The stripes on the arm are good, and even the black shoulders with the eagles on them are a good mix. But its just the stripes around the midsection that kills this jersey. Less stripes!

Posted Image
5. Farmington Tigers

Another orange and black mix, as Farmington rolls out the primary color of orange here with black trim. The black shoulders with white piping seems to be a bit much here, but hard to argue against the cursive Tigers (reminiscent of the Detroit Tigers script) along with the black and white striping on the arms and at the bottom of the jersey. Good solid look. Nothing to go nuts over though.

Posted Image
4. Burnsville Blaze

Another nod to the Boston Bruins, with Burnsville rocking a 90's themed road uniform which came late in the Ray Bourque era. The 'B' crest for Burnsville is one of, if not the best you will see through out the tournament. Very old school, simple look to that crest. But there is quite a bit going on around the crest. Numbers on the top left shoulder, which gets a patch opposite of it for Burnsville Hockey. Not sure why that right shoulder patch is necessary when they have shoulder patches as well. Feels like the Blaze were trying to do too much when they put this together. Takes away from an otherwise solid look.

Posted Image
3. Wayzata Trojans

A common theme here in the tournament, as Wayzata has modeled their jerseys after the Bruins throwback from the 60's, which was also the jersey that was worn during the 2010 Winter Classic. Simple crest (the 'W' for Wayzata), no unnecessary shoulder patches or numbers on the front, and stripes are adequately placed. Also have to appreciate the 'W' on the fabric behind the stiching at the top of the jersey. Well done, Trojans.

Posted Image
2. Bemidji Lumberjacks

Little bit of a Toronto Maple Leaf look to the Lumberjacks here. The blue is a bit darker, but the stripes on the arms and at the bottom of the jerseys are very reminiscent of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which is highly regarded as one of the best jerseys in the NHL. Great crest, no excessive shoulder patches here. Another solid jersey from the north.

Posted Image
1. Grand Rapids Thunderhawks

Very vintage look for Grand Rapids here. The jersey gives a bit of a nod to the Flyers' jerseys from the 70s, but it has been a look Grand Rapids has gone with since about that time as well. Their crest has been something they have used since the 80's, giving it the ultimate throwback feel. Hard to argue against sticking with what you've had for nearly 30 years. Grand Rapids takes home the top honors.

For the Class A jersey rankings, click here.

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