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Zach Parise and the dark side of concussions

Posted by eminemilie , 16 November 2014 · 3,187 views

Minnesota Wild Zach Parise Concussions
Zach Parise and the dark side of concussions There have been a lot of discussions surrounding the Wild’s treatment of Zach Parise and his concussion. Some people think the Wild didn’t do enough to prevent, or deal with his injury. Others think the Wild have been too cautious, and held him out too long. A lot of people just don’t know what to think.

Today, we’ll discuss the thought that the Wild didn’t do enough to protect their 98 million dollar forward.

Here are some facts that we know about Parise’s concussion:

- ZP was hit in the face during the game against the Rangers on 10/27
- He left the game against Pittsburgh on 11/4, and didn’t return
- The Wild officially announced his concussion on 11/6
- He has been activated off IR as of this morning, after missing 5 games/10 days

During the Pittsburgh game, he took a few hits and at one point was on the receiving end of a cross check. What most likely happened was that one of those hits lead to an intensifying of any symptoms he had prior to the game.

A lot of fans were upset that the Wild didn’t hold Parise out immediately after the game against the Rangers. The problem with this thought is that it is entirely possible that Parise didn’t have any concussion symptoms that evening, or even in the next few days.

One of the main issues with diagnosing concussions is that there is no “machine” to test how bad someone’s concussion symptoms are, or will be. A person can go from no symptoms to blinding headaches in anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. There’s no way to know before those symptoms start what they are going to be, or how bad they will be.

It’s entirely plausible, and if we are being honest it’s very likely, that Parise had some very minor symptoms that didn’t impede his play. No professional athlete, nor nearly any normal person, is going to let minor symptoms get in the way of their job/life.

To look at it another way, let’s say that you twist your ankle running one day. It’s not anything too bad, just a little sore after you go running the next day. A few days later, you trip and fall, and sprain that same ankle. If you had done this a week ago, your ankle probably wouldn’t have been sprained, but because it was already weakened it made the likelihood of a sprain greater.

Should the Wild be serious about treating concussions? Absolutely. But to this point, the Wild haven’t given any indication that they AREN’T serious about concussions. This isn’t a case of a clear headshot, with symptoms present, and a guy back out on the ice next shift.

So unless you have first hand knowledge that you would like to share with the rest of the class that the Wild knew Parise was having severe symptoms and required or encouraged him to play through them, let’s take a break from talking about how the team doesn’t care about the well being of it’s players.

Giles Ferrell
Nov 16 2014 01:18 PM

The ankle analogy was spot on.

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Woo, nice job. :D
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The ankle analogy was spot on.

I know from experience this week lol

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well said

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That last paragraph...



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Ben Remington
Nov 16 2014 10:28 PM

Terrific info.

The NHL has so many protocols in place, had he shown any symptoms that night it'd be almost impossible for the team to ignore them. With that in mind, they're not going to assume a concussion and make him go to the dark room over something like catching a stick to the chops.

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Dakota Case
Nov 24 2014 08:42 PM

Can't believe I didn't see this piece earlier, Emilie; great job and spot on!

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