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Amateur Hockey Talk 21 May 2017
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Amateur Hockey Talk 21 May 2017
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Amateur Hockey Talk 21 May 2017
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Amateur Hockey Talk 21 May 2017
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Now what?

Posted by jah218 , 15 April 2016 · 1,133 views

Minnesota Wild Off season trades
The only thing I really know about hockey, is that I absolutely love hockey, and I am a passionate Wild fan. Which is why the collapse of my favorite hockey team is so incredibly disappointing. I think most of us knew losing Yeo was going to hurt. Even though, I was often frustrated by his stubborness and his lack of trust in the young guys, but truth be told, this guy was good, maybe real good. After suffering through two periods of last night's complete debacle in Dallas, I couldn't help but think ahead to the off season, wondering "Now what?".So I am asking the help of Wild nation, when I say, seriously, NOW WHAT?!?!?!?

Do the Wild fire Chuck Fletcher? I say yes, there are so many contracts on this team that are damaging to the future of this franchise, and the blame lies with him. Is it his fault that Vanek and Pomminville have underperformed, no, although it could be argued that we knew exactly what we were getting with Vanek. Those two contracts alone are fire-able mistakes, in my opinion. The failed acquisitions of Chris Stewart, Matt Moulson, Cody McCormick (I'm sure I'm forgetting a few), and the draft picks we lost for these guys.. You could even go waaaaaay back to losing Matt Cullen. What I think was actually Fletcher's biggest mistake however, is not doing whatever possible to trade for Ryan Johansen. We had a legitimate shot at a number one center, a YOUNG number one center, we had the same thing to offer in return that Columbus got in Seth Jones, and Fletcher failed. I feel very strongly that that was a significant turning point during this season. The players needed someone, something that could spark a team that was struggling and the GM failed to make it happen.

Torch is gone, almost for sure, right? Who do we hire? I personally like Dave Cameron, but I am not an expert and I'm not sure who else would be available. But I'd like somebody from outside of the organization, because i think we need to totally clean house.

Another problem on this team, in my opinion, is Ryan Suter. This guy makes a TON of money, and brings little to the table that is worth that kind of money. I do not think he is an asset on the power play, yet he seems to manage his own minutes. Last night there were a lot of problems, but he is always too casual when leaving the ice on line changes and last night in particular there were a few times it hurt us. Again was that the only problem? No way. But it is his casual style that just bugs me. His wrist shot from the point on the power play is embarrassing, and his overall play combined with little urgency is absolutely maddening to watch. I know, I know he had a career year in some categories, but for the money he is making does he do enough? The quiet rumblings that he is not a great team guy doesn't help either.

Another problem, what happend to Marco Scandella, Matt Dumba, Charlie Coyle, and Jason Zucker? They are shells of their former selves, not even close to the players we are used to seeing.

So I am asking Wild nation, now what? What do we do? What can we do? Can we pull off a shocking blockbuster trade? Can you buyout Tomas Vanek? Jason Pominville is too expensive to buy out but can he be traded, wishful thinking? It is almost incomprehensible to me that we went from the best first half of the season record in the NHL to an organization that is arguably in shambles from top to bottom. I would love to hear what people who know more about this than me have to say, what you think the Wild can do to right the ship? I am not even worried about the playoffs, they were over before they even started, I am worried for us long term. Now what?